Just recently i was listening to a podcast and on there a guy called into to the host of the show and was telling the host he bought some EA game and the game wouldn't run do to him having alcohol120%. For those that don't know what it does , its software that lets you have a virtual cd or dvd and with that you can take game and have the program copy them and then mount them to this virtual drive. A lot of people do this so they don't have to keep switching cd's in and out of drive all the time.

The problem with a program like alcohol120% or Clone cd is that both can be used to copy the game into ISO images and then these images can be uploaded or given to friends or whatever. So the game companies figured the best way to stomp out piracy is to screw their PAYING customers and make the game not work if you have either of these two programs on your machine.

The laugh and the half to this is while they are there pissing off the paying customers the pirates don't miss a beat and they just keep on putting the new games out onto the net.

I wasn't to impressed when i ran out and bought Far Cry or Doom3 and then found out i had to uninstall legitimate software so either of these games could work. I think the game companies have crossed a line here that they shouldn't have. Who in the hell do they think they are to come in to my machine and tell me what i can and can't have installed , thats the biggest bunch of bullshit i have ever seen.

I'd like to know when they plan on giving up on the useless “protection” all together so they can put the effort from that into the game and fix the god damn bugs instead of trying to harass >>>PAYING<<< customers. The next thing they will be doing is making it so when you are done playing a game they lock your machine down so you can't do anything else on it lol.

People got to stand up against this shit and tell them what we think of it. If we sit back and don't say anything about these types of things they will keep trying to shovel crap down our throats.

The pod cast i heard this on was on the TWIT web site and it was the KFI Tech Guy 173 here is the link.

I was enraged at the time of this when i bought my two games and had to go through this but had forgot about till i listen to this podcast. Now that i have my own site might as well put my thoughts on it up here and see what others think about this type of thing.