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In today's show I talk about the big news stories from the past week.

Sarcastic gamer / Down loadable Content

Daniel_k and Creative


Linux in the schools

CBC To Release Program DRM-Free Via BitTorrent

Comcast 50Mbps



Frontlines Fuel of War Review.


Warner Music all you can eat

Protest against Bell and its packet shaping of P2P

Here are the time codes so you can fast forward to a certain point in the mp3 file if you want to..

00:00:00 - 00:02:36 Sarcastic gamer / Dlc
00:02:36 - 00:08:06 Daniel_k and Creative
00:08:06 - 00:13:12 RIAA
00:13:12 - 00:27:27 Linux in the schools
00:27:27 - 00:34:23 DrM / Bell P2P Comcast 50Mbps line.
00:34:23 - 00:36:54 Games GTA4, Mafia2, Frontlines Fuel of War Review
00:36:54 - 00:39:14 Tcpview
00:39:14 - 00:41:35 Warner music all you can eat music
00:41:35 - 00:42:20 show wrap up

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Audio Netcast 2