First a big thank you to Corsair for providing the TX 750 Watt Power Supply for this Review.

In today’s Review I get a chance to check out one of the latest power supplies from Corsair.

The Corsair TX 750 Watt Power Supply supports the latest ATX12V v2.2 and EPS12V 2.91 standards and is backwards compatible with ATX12V 2.01 systems. This power supply also uses a dedicated single +12V rail which offers maximum compatibility with the latest components.

The first thing that impressed me was the 120mm fan that’s on this power supply. The previous power supply that I had in my computer used two 80mm fans and both made loads of noise to the point I stuck a plastic tie in the one fan to stop it from running so the noise would stop.

Below is a picture of the big 120mm fan that the TX 750 uses.

So far I have had the TX 750 in use now for several days and as of yet I haven’t heard any noise from it at all. The power supply is so quiet that I now have to get rid of my southbridge fan on the asus motherboard do to the noise it makes spinning away at 7000+ rpm. My goal here is to get this computer a lot less noisier then it currently is and the Corsair TX 750 Watt Power Supply is one step in that direction. The fan in this power supply is controlled automatically based on how much heat the power supply is putting out. So the more load put on the power supply the harder the fan will be working. Likewise if there is hardly any load on the power supply at all the fan won’t be working to hard and there for less noise.

The picture below shows the connector’s that this power supply comes with. Click on the picture to see an enlarged version of it. For those that can’t see the picture for some reason here is what you get for connectors on the Corsair TX 750 Watt Power Supply.

x1 ATX 24 pin and 20 pin compatible
x1 EPS/ATX12V 8-4 Pin
x4 PCI-E 6 Pin & 8 Pin Compatible
x8 4 Pin peripheral
x2 Floppy

The cords that come out of the power supply are all nice and long and you should have no problem with the length of the cords even if you have a full tower case. The cords are also wrapped to keep them nice and neat.

One thing I thought was a nice touch is, on the eight Peripheral connectors there are these tabs you squeeze down and doing so makes it easier to disconnect the connectors from things like hard drives. When you push the tabs down they extend out and will help the connector push away from whatever it’s plugged into. The pictures below give you a close up look at these plastic tabs you push down.

The only thing I would have liked to have seen on this power supply that it doesn’t have, is modular cords so that you can just use the cords you want and keep the case clutter down.

In conclusion I have to say I’m quite impressed with this power supply. The lack of noise is also a huge thing for me. The fact the power supply is 750 Watts means that I should be able to upgrade this computer with hardware for quite some time and not need a bigger power supply. At the time of this Review you could purchase the Corsair TX 750 Watt Power Supply for about $140.00 Canadian.

Below are a few pictures of the specs of the power supply along with a few other pictures.