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First a big thank you to Thermaltake for providing the Soprano Keyboard for this Review.

In today’s Review I get a chance to look at the all aluminum body Soprano keyboard from Thermaltake.

Ever since I started this web site several years ago I have had a chance to see many types of keyboards. I have looked at keyboards that just have basic functions all the way up to keyboards where you could program keys and do macros. The keyboard I’m about to look at today I would consider it to be one of the more basic keyboards however in this case that’s a not a bad thing, in fact it’s a good thing.

Besides the Aluminum body on the keyboard the thing I liked the most is there were no drivers or install CD’s that come with it. You just plug this keyboard in and all the keys are recognized and that’s all you have to do before you can start using the keyboard.

In other keyboard reviews I have mentioned that some keyboards that are out there now a day’s feel like you’re typing on a laptop computer and I have always liked that feel. With the Soprano keyboard I think this thing actually is using a laptop keyboard in it. This thing feels and sounds just like a laptop computer keyboard.

The size of this keyboard is also pretty impressive in that you do not need a lot of desk real-estate for this keyboard. Some of the keyboards I have tested you need a lot of desk space and that’s simply not the case with this keyboard. If you look at the pictures of the keyboard you will see why it does not require a lot of desk space and that’s do to how close all the keys are together.

A lot of keyboards you buy they have some pretty big spaces, for example the space between the cursor keys and the number keys. If you look at this keyboard there is hardly any space at all between the main qwerty keys and the number pad keys.

A couple things worth noting about this keyboard are the following.

Brushed and polished aluminum body for quality feel.
Aluminum surface keeps your palms cool.
Scissor switch technology to increase keystroke lifespan.
Zero-degree tilt to reduce wrist stress and provide comfortable usage position.
Number Locks and Capital Lock Blue LED indicator.
Built in hotkeys for: Internet, Email, My Favorite, Search and Volume.
Slide proof pads prevent sliding.

And for those wondering this is a USB keyboard.

In conclusion this is a really nice keyboard. The only complaint I have with this keyboard is that some of the keys are not where you would expect them to be. The delete key is up where the print screen and pause buttons are and this causes me to end up searching a lot for that key. Also the cursor keys are so close to the other keys I end up hitting other keys while trying to hit the cursor keys. What I would love to see is a key board just like this one but with a more standard keyboard layout using the exact keys and aluminum body this keyboard uses. At the time of this Review you could purchase the Thermaltake Soprano keyboard for about $60.00 Canadian.

Below is a larger version of the picture above.