In the last week or so i have come across four programs that some people may find use full.



This program can replace a lot of your default compression/decompression Utilities. It can do all the standard ZIP stuff along with RAR. I noticed though the program only seems to handle unpacking .RAR files and not compressing them. I'm not sure why this is , hopefully it will change in the future. So if your tired of cripple ware give 7-Zip a try its 100% free.

Here is a Screen shot for 7-Zip.


MozBackup is a program that can be used to backup everything thats contained in such programs as Firefox web broswer and the Thunderbird e-mail client among others. I recently had to use this program when i did a format of my main drive. I wanted to keep all my e-mails and any settings that i may have had in Thunderbird so i used this program to back everything up. The program is very simple to use and doesn't need much explaining. It can also encrypt your files where you need a password to restore the back up.

Here is a Screen shot of the e-mail client backup options for MozBackup.


I went looking for a program like this when i was tired of trying to make up unique passwords. As anyone knows the longer the password and the more varied it is the better off you are. This program is a DOS program so open up a command window in windows or dos window whatever you call it and then unzip the contents of the file and then run the mecid.exe file. When you do this you will be presented with options as to what type of password you can make. If you choose pronounced password it will give you a pretty week password that you can remember. If you don't pick pronounced then it will give you a randomly built password based on your options you picked.

This program will save its contents to a text file if you choose and it will ask you if you want to do that before it generates a password. The reason i tell you to open a dos window up and run the program as opposed to clicking on the file in windows explorer is based on the fact if you run the file through windows explorer when the program is done making the password it EXITS the dos window and you cant see your password.

This program is very simple and i ran it through a small test and from what i could see time and time again it generated random passwords. I even made it spit out two generated lists of 100 passwords in each list and none of the passwords were the same in either list. Over all this program is quite handy if you want to have passwords created that would be very difficult to break. One thing about these passwords is they are so random that it would also be very difficult to remember any of them. For this reason you may want to keep these passwords in a separate encrypted file that does have a password you can remember and make sure its a good one and not using English worlds or sentences.

Mozilla SunBird

Mozilla SunBird I started to look for a program like this the other day so i could keep track of when i had to e-mail people ect ect. I wanted something that was easy to use and something you didn't have to sift through a big manual to understand. I come across this program on the mozilla web page and it seems like there is two versions of it. One Version incorporates itself into the Thunderbird e-mail client and the other is a stand alone program. I choose the stand alone program so that i could have only it running and nothing else.

The program is very simple to use , you just double click on a day in the calendar and another screen comes up with all sorts of options that allow you to setup alarms or have it goto a certain web page or e-mail you a message. The program from what i have seen of it is quite flexible and i will continue to use for quite some time.

Here is a Screen shot for Mozilla SunBird.

So thats about it these are the four programs i have recently come across and what they do. If you have any comments about them you can leave messages in the forums. Below are the links to each of these programs enjoy!

Mozilla SunBird