First i would like to ask EA what they were thinking about when they put this game out the door in the shape its in. The game does have a few good things about it but the bad far outweighs the good 10 fold.

On the good side of things we have the graphics. The graphics are quite a bit better then bf1942 were so i guess if your big on graphics then this will impress you. The guns in game all look really good for the most part and the handguns are light years ahead of what bf1942 had. The complaint i had with the hand guns in bf1942 were they fired like crap half the time it seemed liked they would miss fire and not fire at all. So I’m glad to see BF2 don’t suffer from this.

Once again though the lack of detail in this game in terms of realism is shocking. We all know this is more arcade then anything else but some of the stuff in it makes your eyes roll around in your head. For example the tanks in the game actually take damage when going over little bumps in the terrain. This is really annoying when your in a 68 ton tank.

The vehicles also seem to all have the same 4 stroke lawn mower engine in them as well since all the vehicles seem to not want to go up the slightest hill sometimes. Even the dune buggies when your flying along and your start to go up a grade nearly come to a complete stop. With the dune buggies that gets really annoying since they do get some nice speed and only to have that bleed off rapidly on the slightest grade.

Another issue in the game is the hit detection i have seen video footage on forums and seen it in game myself where the rocket from the AT class guy will go right through people and vehicles and not do any damage to them in the slightest. On top of that you have weapons that for maybe the same hitbox reason do not hit what your aiming at. I lost count of how many times i was shooting at people only a few feet in front of me to only miss time and time again. These problems seem to plaig most of the weapons in the game and its something that needs to be addressed ASAP.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse you try and log on for some multi player action and then the nightmare really begins. The ranked servers are so loaded with lag forget about trying to play on one in the daytime. I wait till late at night before i even bother to play in hopes the load on the servers will be less.

Even if you manage to get in a sever your rank that you get may not even be updated for days on end. Some servers i have been on you get your rank and stats updated shortly after you play and then other servers it takes days for your stats to be updated.

The sever browser for the game is a piece of fucking shit i haven’t seen code this slow since the c=64. It can take minutes to get a fresh update on the game servers list and thats assuming it don’t lock up on you like i have had it do to me, and the only way one time out of the lockup was to do a reboot.

The browser it self isn’t just slow its pure shit the filters they have in there like “only show non full servers” don’t even work. Every time i update my server list for the game 99% of what its showing me is full servers.

Then there is the issue of not being able to have a auto retry so if the sever you want on is busy the browser keeps trying to connect every so many seconds. This is a such a simple thing to put in yet the people who put the browser in didn’t think we needed such a thing.

The connect to IP doesnt even remember what IP you typed in if you quit the game and come back. That was something bf1942 could do so I’m surprised to see it not in this game. It sure does make things go a lot smoother when you can type in a IP and it stays there even after you quit the game and reload.

Also while I’m on the topic of the browser there is NO friends list or even a favorites list. So if you liked them options in other games you better forget bf2 and go play them other games.

Another screw up was to take the IP of the current server off of the tab screen. In bf1942 you could tell your friends on TeamSpeak what server you were on because you could see the server IP by hitting tab. If you hit TAB in BF2 there is no IP displayed at all.

Again once in the game you will have to deal with all kinds of shit everything from peoples bodies showing up through building walls wich you can then shoot and kill them to having your own guys have a red name above there character witch you kill because in most cases that means enemy but in this case it means you just lost points for killing a team mate.

If your real lucky you won’t have any problems creating a account to play on line. I had to make several fake accounts and even then i was told my name was in use ect ect.

These account problems still exsist even now and its been nearly a week since the game has been on the store shelves.
Also sometimes it will tell you your password is wrong despite the fact its right. In the case of the password just hit login again and then the second time it should go.

The whole keyboard setup option for setting the keyboard keys up is also a joke. It seems that DICE decided that they liked the keyboard setup how they liked and not their end users. For example to use the end key to reload you try to re bind the key it tells you its in use else where and you go hunting for it find it change it from where it was to where you want it and it still screams that the key is in use else where. Most of the time the only way around this is to get out your text editor and hack a text file to get the key binds the way you want them.

The in game audio for some vehicles is good but in others its just plain shit. The m1 tank sounds like it has some old deisil thats about to blow its pistons right through the engine block and kill you. The m1 tank in real life has a gas turbine engine and sounds more like a chopper then its does a diesil engine. Also on the topic of tank sounds it seems to me like they used that same tank sound in all the tanks.

Some of the vehicles sound good like the dune buggies they sound neat and are a blast to drive. The weapon sounds of all the hand held guns for the most part sound really good. Even the tanks machine guns and the main gun don’t sound that bad.

The 12 maps that come with the game for the most part are really well done. If you got the hardware to push the game to its limits then your in for a good feast of eye candy. The only down side to some of the maps is the fog. I hated the fog in bf1942 and even though in this game there is less of it in some of the levels its as bad as bf1942 in a couple of the maps. I hate the fog and would like to see them never use it again lol.

The in game physics are a step forward but they are not as good as what counter strike source has. The only time i have seen the physics active in the game is when someone gets hit with a artillery shell then you will see the guy fly 100 feet in the air. The other cool thing i seen was one time i was in a jeep and ran right into a guy and it launched him several feet away from the front of the jeep so that was cool. A side from that though you tend to forget about the physics rather quickly where as in counter strike source they played a much bigger role and and were used a lot better.

Some of the graphic effects used in this game like when the artillery comes raining in are impressive. Some of the vehicle explosions and just explosions in general are really well done as well.

One thing about this game that some people might not know is its a really cut down version of what was touted a while back in there teaser videos.

The game was supposed to feature 100+ multi player along with laser targeting and bombs that would home in on the laser and kill stuff. Not only have they not done any of that they also passed on the destructable terrain that was supposed to be in the game as well.

Another practice EA/DICE used was making videos that had far more detail and stuff in them then what we got in this game right now. Some of the maps have basicly been stripped down from what they were supposed to have been in the trailers. None of this false advertising shit sits well with me and it really brings into light what you got to watch out for with these game companies. They will show you and tell you anything regardless if its the truth or not just to get you to buy there game when it comes out.

Another thing that really gets under my skin is EA/DICE releasing a game thats clearly a BETA at best and wanting us to not only test the god damn thing but also pay to test it and put up with the piece of shit that it really is. I know games now a days very seldom if at all come out perfect but bf2 has got glaring problems that ray charles could have seen.

As for single player the bots are a joke. More often then not the bots will run you over and they never listen to commands. The only good thing about the bots is it gives you something to test the weapons on and thats about it..

I’m amazed to that the games only come with one mode for the maps and thats conquest. They didn’t even bother to put in CTF or even try to invent some new modes of play. It seems to me they spent all there time on the graphics and thats it the rest of the game was a after thought.

EA/DICE need to forget about sending a demo out to the people a month before the game release and get a demo out several months before the game is do out and let the people test it then. Letting people buy the game and then using them as the testers is bullshit and it only stems to piss people right off. People don’t want to test a game when they buy it they want to play the god damn thing. They also don’t want to sit around waiting for patches to come out.

My final word on this game is that its NOT! ready for the public. If you get this game right now your only gonna drive your self nuts with the amount of problems the game has. The smart consumer would not buy this game till a patch is released. Some how from what i have seen though for EA/DICE to fix all thats wrong with this game its gonna be quite some time before we see all the problems fixed.