This is the latest Audio NetCast from WolfManz611..

In today’s show I talk about some recent news stories I come across while surfing the net.

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00:00:00 to 00:05:07 Should Microsoft Risk Windows 8 on Touch?

00:05:07 to 00:11:35 Mac malware uses Windows-style PDF camouflage ruse Pops open fanboi backdoors as they look at Chinese island

00:11:35 to 00:20:28 OnLive CEO: We Are The Next-Generation Console

00:20:28 to 00:29:00 MS denies secure boot will exclude Linux

00:29:00 to 00:31:30 Microsoft admits to mistaken XBox Live bans

00:31:30 to 00:39:58 Battlefield 3 DLC mobilizing on PS3 first

00:39:58 to 00:43:15 Crytek UK reigniting Homefront

00:43:15 to 00:46:22 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Gets Gun Game-Style Mode

00:46:22 to 00:47:07 PC games to outsell console software in 2014

00:47:07 to 00:50:07 Updates on Hauppauge WinTV HVR 2250 Media Center Kit