First a big thank you to Microsoft for providing the Microsoft Comfort Curve 2000 for this Review.

After spending a fair amount of time with this keyboard I’m fairly impressed with it. Unlike a lot of people i like the more simpler things and the fact this keyboard doesn’t come with many extra keys that do everything under the sun to me is a good thing.

When you open the box up the you just get the keyboard and your standard manual that covers the basic use of the keyboard and how to hook it up. This keyboard does not come with a driver disk you just plug it into a USB port and the keyboard gets detected right away along with all its extra keys. You also don’t get the standard USB to PS2 converter either.

The reason this keyboard doesn’t come with the USB to PS2 converter is because the keyboard would not work with that converter. This is a USB only keyboard. This in it self isn’t a big deal but where i did run into a issue was with my dual boot system. I have a test computer that runs both XP and Ubuntu and there is a boot loader to select what OS you want to use on boot up and that boot loader doesn’t see the USB keyboard at all which means you cant make your OS selection. This really isn’t a problem with the keyboard but its something to keep in mind if your doing a dual boot and the boot loader doesn’t see USB keyboards.

You do have some multimedia keys on the keyboard that do control things like your volume and your standard play and pause media keys. Along with those keys you also have some that can open your e-mail and open up a search window as well. Oh and let me not forget the forward and back keys and the calculator key plus you have the volume control keys as well.

All they keys feel fine to type on and it reminds me of typing on a laptop keyboard and thats not a bad thing. You do get some feed back from the keys when your typing but over all the keyboard is a fairly quiet keyboard. The black finish also looks pretty nice on the keyboard and should blend in well if you have a black computer. Even if you don’t have a black computer the keyboard still looks good.

The box also claims that the keyboard is “spill resistant” as well so if you do dump something on the keyboard it should just drain out and hopefully not trash the keyboard.

In conclusion if you want a keyboard that don’t cost that much and one that functions good then this is the keyboard for you. At the time of this Review you could purchase this keyboard online for about $20.00 U.S.