First a big thank you to Logitech for providing the Logitech Z520 Speakers for this Review.

It’s been a while now since I reviewed a set of speakers, so with that in mind, today I take a look at the Logitech Z520 Speakers and see what they have to offer.

Before I get too far into this Review I should mention the specs / system requirements for the Logitech Z520 Speakers and they are the following.


-26 watts (RMS)
-Frequency response: 70 Hz - 20 KHz
-Dimensions: 8.8 cm x 19.8 cm x 8.8 cm

System Requirements:

-Windows© XP or Windows Vista©
-Mac OS© X 10.3.9 or later
-Sound card or 3.5 mm audio out

The first thing you notice when you unbox the Logitech Z520’s is that they really are a good looking set of speakers that will look great hooked up to a laptop or even a desktop system. As you can see in the picture below, that Z520’s have removable grills and when you take those off the speakers really look pretty slick. If you have little kids around who like to poke things it would be a good idea to leave the grills on the speakers to protect them.

One thing these speakers do not have is an external sub woofer like you see with some speaker systems on the market today. Before I got these speakers I was wondering how much bass you would get out of the speakers and after some testing, I was pleasantly surprised. You’re not going to get as much bass as you would get in a system with a dedicated sub woofer but what you do get is quite nice when you consider how compact these speakers are.

I have been testing the Z520’s for months now with various types of audio such as games, movies, music and even Teamspeak and I have to say I have been very impressed with the audio the speakers produce in regards to the bass and the highs.

As for connections the speakers have, these are fairly basic. In the picture below you can see the side of the main speaker that has the on and off / volume dial and on the side of that speaker you have two 3.5mm jacks. The first 3.5mm jack is for the Line In and you would use this if you wanted to get the sound from an mp3 player into the speakers. The second 3.5mm jack is for headphones.

When you look at the back of the main control speaker you will see a few more jacks and these are shown in the picture below. The first jack to the far left is for the included power supply to power the speakers up. The next thing you see is a cable running out of the back and that has a 3.5mm plug on it that you plug into your computer’s sound card output. The next jack over to the right is where the other speaker plugs into and that is a custom RCA type plug that goes into those two jacks.

In this next picture below you can see both speakers along with the power adapter.

Another interesting aspect to these speakers is, Logitech gives them a 2 year limited hardware warranty. Normally you don’t see companies in Canada or the U.S offering more than a 1 Year warranty, so it’s nice to see Logitech doing this when clearly not many companies are.

There are a few negatives to the Logitech Z520’s and they are the following.

As with the other set of Logitech Z323 speakers I reviewed, the Z520’s have no tone controls at all. This means you can’t adjust the treble or bass on the speakers them self’s and that’s a real drag.

Another problem is the lack of any RCA input jacks for things like a gaming console. There is a 3.5mm Line In jack but that would require an adapter to get that to be able to handle the RCA jacks of a gaming console.

The last issue I have with these speakers is the price. Most places you check online you’re going to be paying about $125.00 Canadian. I was able to find them on Tigerdirect for $99.00 Canadian but that was the only place I could find that had the Z520’s at that low price. Over all I think these speakers should be around the $80.00 Canadian price point since the speakers do lack some features.

In conclusion the Logitech Z520 speakers are a nice set of speakers that do sound surprisingly good for their size, plus they also look really good. If you can get these speakers from Tigerdirect at $99.00 Canadian, then for the money you are getting a fairly decent set of speakers. If you can’t get the Logitech Z520 Speakers for $99.00 Canadian then I would look around and see what other speakers are out there for that price point since I think the $125.00 Canadian is way too high of a price for what you get with these speakers.