First a big thank you to Belkin for providing the Belkin F1DJ102P KVM Switch for this Review.

If you have multiple computers and want to run them all off one keyboard, mouse, monitor then look no further then the F1DJ102P KVM Switch.

I have been testing this now for about a week and at first I wasn’t that impressed with it. I was having issues with my Microsoft trackball explorer. Every now and then when moving the trackball around the trackball pointer would freeze on the screen and not move. Also every now and again the left trackball button was being activated by it self. After some messing around with the unit it seems these two issues are do to a loose fitting connection for the trackball into the KVM Switch. My trackball has a adapter to go from USB to PS2 and that can weigh the plug down a bit to where it don’t fit right into the mouse socket of the KVM Switch.

Once I got all my problems worked out with the switch I have found it works fine. The only thing I don’t like about the switch is it weighs nothing and when you get all these heavy duty cables hooked up to it, the KVM Switch doesn’t want to stay in one spot do to the cables.

I wish Belkin would make some sort of mounting bracket for the KVM Switch so it could be mounted to a surface such as under a desk. This way if it was mounted the KVM Switch wouldn’t be flopping around do to all the cables coming off it.

The KVM Switch also has 4 leds on it that light up based on whatever computer you have activated. The KVM Switch also beeps when you switch from one computer to the next. The KVM Switch also has keyboard hot keys you can use with it as well. If I tap my scroll lock key twice and then a number from 1 to 4 on the keyboard keypad it will switch to that computer. This feature I really like and will be the only way I control the KVM Switch after I mount this sucker under my desk.

The cables that come with the KVM Switch in my case 4 sets of cables since I have the 4 port KVM Switch, are all pretty heavy duty looking and they are each 6ft long.

Before I got the switch I was looking around on the web to see if other people had issues with it and from what I have read this KVM Switch may have issues with Logitech mice. I don’t have any Logitech mice here to test this but its something to keep in mind if you use Logitech mice.

This KVM Switch will work with any Operating System or CPU and will work with 101 - 104 key keyboards. You can also use up to a 5 button Microsoft system compatible PS/2 mouse/trackball The KVM Switch will work on the following monitors VGA, SVGA, MULTISYNC. The max resolution for the KVM Switch is [email protected].

In conclusion I have to say I’m quite impressed with KVM Switch. I have loaded all kinds of stuff up from games to graphic applications and haven’t noticed any issues. The only thing Belkin needs to do to make a perfect product in my eyes is make this switch so you can mount it to a surface. The KVM Switch at the time of this article cost about $80.00 U.S.

Below are some pictures of the Belkin KVM Switch Enjoy!

Here is a picture of the side of the kvm switch.

Here is a picture of the front of the kvm switch.

Here is a picture of the back of the kvm switch.

Here is a picture of the cables and manual.