First a big thank you to Antec for providing the Antec ATX 12 Volt Tester for this Review.

For those that want a inexpensive way to test any 12 volt ATX power supply, you need look no further then the Antec ATX 12 Volt power supply tester.

Anyone who is into fixing computers or even someone who just builds a lot of their own systems would find the Antec 12 Volt power supply tester handy. Its nice to have something like this when you have a system thats giving you stability problems. With the use of this tester you could determine if the power supply was the source of your problems or not.

As you can see in the pictures below there really isn’t all that much to this tester. Across the top of it you have a row of five small lights and under them you have two bigger lights. Each light on the tester is a multi colored light so for example if all the lights are green the power supply being tested is good. If however you see red lights or orange lights then that means the voltage is either to high meaning red or two low meaning orange.

In the above picture you can see there are connectors on the bottom of the tester where you can hook up a volt meter and see exactly what the voltages are. On the top of the unit is where you have your power supply connector which is where you hook the tester to the power supply being tested. The power supply connector on the tester it self can handle any 24 pin or 20 pin power supply connector.

I found this tester pretty use full for the most part but like anything it does have a few issues. The first thing i noticed is the tester seems to give different readings sometimes, and to me it looks like it does this after the tester has been in use for a few minutes. A good example of this was the 5VSB light which is the 5 Volt standby light would some times come on and then and sometimes it wouldn’t.

The other thing i noticed was if you have this tester in use for a few minutes it gets so hot you won’t be able to keep your hand on it. The reason it is getting hot is do to the load it puts on the power supply in order to do its tests. If you use the tester for a few seconds at a time then you will not have to worry about the tester getting hot.

The only thing i think the tester is missing is some way to test the other 12 VOLT connections that all power supply’s have.

In conclusion i think its not to bad of a buy for doing a quick test, and at the time of this Review you could purchase the tester for under $20 U.S.

Below are some pictures of the Antec ATX 12 Volt tester enjoy!

Package Contents.

Front view of the 12 Volt ATX Tester.

Top View of the 12 Volt ATX Tester.

Side View of the ATX 12 Volt Tester.

ATX 12 Volt tester in action.

ATX 12 Volt Tester with Volt meter.