First a big thank you to Antec for providing the Vcool Cooler for this Review.

If your looking for a little extra cooling for your video card you may want to check out the Antec Vcool VGA Cooler. This is a pretty cool looking VGA Cooler but as you will see in this Review it does have some issues..

First the good ,if your looking for something cool looking that has some blue led lights on it to light your case up then you really can’t go wrong with this cooler it does have the cool factor in terms of looks. It will also as expected add some air flow to your video card.

The cooler runs off your standard Hard drive connector and has a pass through built onto it so you don’t have to dedicate a entire hard drive power supply connector to the cooler. The Led lights when lit up are nice and bright and this should light the inside of any computer case up nicely.

As for the fan again that does what it should do and provides decent airflow. You have a switch on the cooler that you can access outside of your computer on the PCI bracelet that will allow you to control the fan speed in terms of HI MED and LOW. Over all the fan is pretty quiet even on the HI setting but the fan being used in this cooler is not as power full as some case fans so you really shouldn’t expect a lot of noise from it.

Now onto the not so good things about the Vcool. First the obvious thing ,and that is you need to use two PCI slots to use this cooler. As you can see in the picture above the cooler is quite thick and do to that you have to use two PCI slots.

The next thing I noticed that you can see in the picture above really got on my nerves and that is this cooler comes with a extension you can put on and it basically allows the cooler to be longer which may be good if you want to move the fan close to the GPU on the video card ,the problem though is this extension has these clips on the side of it and they make the cooler sit about quarter of a inch off the computer chassis which means you cant even screw the cooler into the screw holes to hold it in place.

I tried moving the cooler to every single PCI slot in the computer and the tabs for the extension got in the way every time. The only way I could screw the cooler into the case was without the extension. The fact you can’t use the extension at all really does limit the use of this cooler.

The other thing I couldn’t get over is there wasn’t even any mounting screws for the cooler to screw it into the computer. You would of thought that they would have at least included EVERYTHING you need to install this cooler.

In conclusion if you have the free PCI slots and don’t mind providing the mounting screws your self and you REALLY need some extra air flow for your video card then this cooler may work for you. I personally wouldn’t recommend this Vcool cooler do the problems I found with the extension and do to the fact it eats so many PCI slots. At the time of this Review you could purchase the Vcool VGA Cooler for less then $20 U.S.

Below are some pictures of the Vcool cooler enjoy!

Picture of the Vcool and it’s extension duct.

Picture of Vcool with duct Installed.

Picture of the side of Vcool..

Picture of the back of Vcool..