Well finally after adding the Site News section to the web site I can now let users of the web site know whats going on with the site…

A note to any forum users I may have had before, the forum has been reset. Any accounts that didn’t have any posts, and if i didn’t know who you were you got deleted from the forum.

The reason for this was do to SPAM. It seems some spam bots found my forums and were making user accounts so they could put up adds in my forums on a daily basis. So every day I had to log on and go delete a bunch of newly created accounts.

Do to the fact I didn’t know what was a real account and what wasn’t, I just simply deleted all the accounts that had a post count of zero..

I should mention I may keep doing this from time to time just so I don’t end up with a forum full of people who don’t post. Also if you do get a new account on the forum please be sure you DO NOT use the URL part of your profile. Any ads I see in the profile URL, or anything that looks fishy gets the account deleted.

The other big news is I can finally get back to work on the web site after finally getting my computer in working order again. I had a video card go bad and it took quite a while to get that sorted out. I will be putting a article up that details the whole ordeal with the video card. This new article should be up in a few days.

As always I also have some more good game Reviews coming pretty soon as well.

Going back to the forums if you use this site at all drop by the forums and say hi. I would like to see some activity in there since thats why they are here to begin with.

I was thinking about doing a podcast as well but so far that idea is on hold till we figure out how we could handle the bandwidth.

Last but not least i would like to thank all of the Linux users who sent me e-mail when i did some articles on Kubuntu. I did get all of your messages and when i had the time i did respond to some. Thanks for sending those messages in.

Thanks for your time..