Ever turn your windows XP machine on and the thing refuses to boot or you see all kinds of errors when you boot up and your machine just hangs and won’t load? If your shaking your head yes to this then this is the program for you. Before i get into this a disclaimer don’t even attempt to use this software if you don’t know how to use it. It can make things worse for you if you hop into it and don’t have a clue what your doing.

Now that i said that if your still with me here then we can move on. BartPE was brought to my attention through my buddy Paul. He like my self builds system for people and fixes them when things go wrong. A while back he was telling me about this program when i was telling him about live cd’s for Linux. I never bothered with the program till a friend of mine run into the problem above. He would turn his machine on and the machine would get part way through the boot process and then after a blues screen of death his machine would turn off.

My friend brought the machine over to me and we run a Linux live CD on it and the cd booted fine witch was a good thing at least it didn’t seem like something was brunt out. The problem i had with the Linux CD was even though it worked i hadn’t used it enough to know how to really check a drive out properly.

The next day talking to Paul he got me to download this PE Builder software this is the software that basicly makes the iso image file that you will then burn to dvd or cd. This software also allows you to add things to the cd / dvd like certain programs you run under xp ect ect. You will need a valid windows XP cd to build this iso image file.

So i burnt the iso image to disk and run the software and it looks like a cut down version of xp it runs in 800 x 600. I wasn’t using the program for its looks though i wanted to see what was going on with this system. So we got the thing running and it started to scan the drive and it found errors and i had to run this error checking program a few times to clean up all the hard drive errors. After running it several times the drive looked fine and windows then booted up. Shortly after the boot up though the system started to act up again and i knew it had to be the hard drive just about ready to die. So now my buddy who owns this machine has to get a new hard drive.

Despite having to get a new hard drive at least we got the machine back up again and could get to his stuff and move it if he wanted to.

You do have to do a bit of messing around to get a iso image built but once you get used to that you should be able to do it in no time. I cant stress enough how important a cd like this is and it can really save your bacon if your in a tight spot.

Here is the link to the guys site who builds the program. On his site you will see the info about this program and what all it can do. The software is free since mainly the program is pulling files off your windows XP disk.  Enjoy the site and this great utility…