First a big thank you to Slappa for providing the Slappa 600 Pro for this Review.

The Slappa 600 pro is for all you people who have loads of cd's / dvd's that need a home in a nice compact package. As you can see in the picture above the Slappa 600 pro is a really good looking cd/dvd case. The problem with its super fine looks though is the thing is a dust magnet. The outside of the case is made from what looks like a suede / leather and it don't take either long to collect any dust that may be in the air

The Slappa 600 pro can hold 600 cd's or dvd's or it can hold 300 cd's or dvd's if you include their covers. For those of you who like to travel on planes you will be happy to note that the Slappa 600 will fit in the overhead bins on planes. It also has a telescopic handle that you can pull out and pull the case behind you on its two built in wheels. Below is a picture of the case with its handle partly extended, the handle comes out a lot further then what is shown in this picture.

When you open the Slappa 600 pro up you will see the pockets that you can put your cd's / dvd's into. These pockets are made so that they keep your cd's / dvd's clean. The only thing i would have liked to have seen on each “page” that contains the pockets is some sort of tab where you can put a piece of paper for labeling whats what and not have to go through all the pages to find something.

The Slappa 600 pro can also be locked using a standard luggage lock that will keep the zipper from being opened. The wheels on this case also feel quite sturdy and remind me of roller blade wheels. The wheels should give you quite a bit of use before they become a problem. The handle used to carry the case around is also quite comfortable to the hand as well.

In conclusion i think this is a really functional and smart looking case. At the time of this article the price is around $135.00 U.S for the Slappa 600 pro. The only thing i could find wrong with it was the lack of a tab like setup that you would see on a file folder and i noticed some loose thread on one part of the case. Other then these small things and the fact its a dust magnet, its a great buy for those of you who need somewhere to keep your cd's / dvd's.

Here is a Link to the Slappa web site Enjoy!